The Witching Hour

November 17, 2017


Juniper Yoga and Healing Arts

This workshop will use the energy of the new moon to explore the power for creation and healing held within our own shadows. In the first half of this workshop, you will use the chakra system to create a personalized map of connections between your animal instincts and conscious intentions. In the second half of the workshop, Laura will use the myth of Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, as a guide for a ritualized movement adventure. Through dance, yoga and guided improvisation for body and voice, you will populate the tale with creatures from your personal underworld, and hold a space in which the ancient wisdom contained within the story may be unlocked and speak directly through your body. In this way, our bodies may be released from the bonds of our expectation and judgement, and transformed into a source of confidence, authenticity and creative inspiration.

This workshop is suitable for adults at many levels of movement ability. No dance or yoga experience is required. Places are limited, so please book in advance.

Work With Laura!


To book a workshop or for more information, please contact Laura here.


Workshops may be booked independently, or in conjunction with Laura's one-woman performance piece, Lost Goddess. (For a video trailer, click here)


Physical Storytelling - Short Workshop

1-2 hours

Suitable for any age and ability level


Laura's unique methodology combines her extensive experience in dance performance and teaching with her training in chakra therapy. This workshop combines yoga and dance movement as the basis for a guided tour of the connections between our physical bodies and our emotional intelligence. Participants gain a heightened awareness of their own sensation, and techniques for developing their own expressive vocabulary.


Physical Storytelling - Long Workshop

3+ sessions of 90 minutes

Suitable for any ability level age 14+


More time with this work allows participants to apply physical storytelling techniques to their own creative lives, steering them through the challenging early stages of creating a movement and text vocabulary for a new project.


Repertory Workshop

90 minutes

Advanced dance students age 16+


After a brief warm-up, students learn a segment of Laura's choreography as well as her techniques for creating character through movement.


Q and A

30-45 minutes


A post-show gathering and opportunity for audience members to deepen their understanding of their performance experience.



Private and semi-private coaching is available on request. 

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